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Privacy is not about hiding,

it is about Freedom.


Leading Privacy Alliance
of Web3

The purpose of the LPA of web3 is to speak up for everyone working in the web3 industry and make them aware of the need for privacy (by design). Launching the LPA as an educational alliance helps increase awareness on the topic and showcases. It is a core value for key players like the founding companies, their partners and (future) customers.

The LPA therefore is working on launching a DAO to build a community of companies that can convene around shared values, to ensure that the digital sphere reflects our collective desire for privacy. The emergence of decentralized technologies opened countless avenues for innovation, but also, intrusion. We believe that blockchain technology should be utilized to enhance, not restrict, the scope of our freedom. Without sufficient data privacy protections, the promise of the emerging Web3 space could prove to be rife with problems. 

Privacy is required across the entire web3 stack. With many users falling victim to data harvesting, surveillance, and other forms of data exploitation, without having a choice, we have joined together to seek out solutions to ensure that everyone in the digital sphere is able to operate securely, privately, and freely. 

‍True freedom and privacy are impossible under centralized systems. We all learned from the development of the internet, for better and for worse. Let’s make web3 a better place, by joining forces. 

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Founding Members

Our ultimate goal is to raise awareness about the current state of privacy, implement solutions to these problems, and educate users and projects about the fundamental role of privacy in the technology we build and use.

LPA is a Swiss association founded in August 2022 and registered in Zurich.

But this is just the beginning.
If you‘re a web3 project and want to support #privacy, apply here to join us now:




A prerequisite for freedom, it is the state of being free from unwanted observation.

We strive to maximize autonomy, self-sufficiency, and independence.

We take a position of impartiality to maintain open-mindedness.


Everyone will be able to determine the extent to which their data is within their own control.

Creating trust by having a transparency-first approach.



What we will do together:

  • Annual Panel discussion at DevCon

  • Annual #Privacy Hackathon in Istanbul

  • Live networking events in Singapore, Amsterdam & Zurich

  • Monthly Twitter Space

  • Publish educational articles

  • Co-sign letters on relevant regulations

  • Publish annual privacy research

  • Promote it’s members & facilitate partnership (accelerate plug & play dev stacks)

Your Benefits as Member:

  • Use LPA logo on your webpage to show you’re a defender of privacy

  • Get listed as member on our LPA page

  • Joint media outreach in shared article in crypto media

  • Shared PR, benefit from all members also sharing your most important publications

  • Exclusive access to 2 annual events: DevCon & Privacy Hackathon

  • Jointly define specifications for the upcoming privacy standard

  • Building up a shared HR database for recruitment

"In 2018, a report of the United Nations defined internet privacy as a fundamental human right: ”to which a person is inherently entitled simply because she or he is a human being.”

Source: UN. The right to privacy in the digital age : report of the united nations high commissioner for human rights 17 p.(2018).

TechStack for complete #Privacy



Is your project committed to #Privacy?

Submit your project details here and we will come back to you. In order to be accepted by the association as full member, you will have 2 interviews with the founding members, to get you and your project to know.

Annual membership fees apply.


Let us know

Write us if you think your project is missing in the DevStack for #Privacy


#Privacy Events

In order to meet projects & leader all around the world, we will also organize two major events per year, to talk about #Privacy:


#Privacy Hackathon ETH Istanbul

Once a year we will all meet in Istanbul, in order to talk about Privacy but also hack & buidl with other members of the LPA.


Networking Event


During Token 2049

we will hold our second event

on Privacy in Singapore.

Tickets available soon

LPA at Devcon 2023

Announcing soon.

Tickets available soon



We want the world to understand how important it is to have a choice.

If you‘re a web3 project, or Privacy enthusiast,apply here to become a member

What we do / web3 projects:For all members, we do:  monthly calls,   bi-monthly AMAs,   quarterly live events, (at our members’ office)   hackathons, and much more.

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