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Crypto wallets, whether hardware or software, are an essential part of the blockchain ecosystem. But wallet transactions rely on RPC providers. These are often closed-source centralized companies who can view and store users’ data and metadata, well beyond what is available on chain. This completely negates attempts to make web3 trustless and decentralized.

Strengthening security and data privacy when sending transactions is the next evolution for popular wallets.

Developed for crypto wallets, RPCh uses the HOPR protocol to protect users’ assets and data. It obscures the source of your interactions with the blockchain from all intermediaries and observers. Completely closing this data leak and making your web3 browsing truly private. 

Following several proof-of-concept integrations last October, RPCh has gone live this February at ETH Denver with a full integration into BlockWallet. 

In contrast to non-private RPC providers, which all send data via HTTP(S) / WS, the HOPR protocol requires a dedicated integration of our SDK, which enables your wallet to "speak HOPR" instead of HTTP.


Join us in Istanbul this April and protect your users’ data with a free integration of RPCh.



the first private RPC provider into Wallets

Two options how to integrate RPCh into a wallet in Istanbul:


Hacker Track

We’re looking to sponsor Hackers to integrate RPCh within wallets. The sponsorship includes paid-for accommodation, beverages & food for the entire event.

Successful applicants should consider:

  • The wallet you choose to integrate RPCh with (we have a list for you, but feel free to suggest)

  • Ease of integration (do they use ethers.js / web3.js)

  • Compliance with the wallets testing and deployment standards (make sure it's working seamlessly)

  • UI is not needed as you will send a PR directly to the wallet to add or replace Gnosis chain with Gnosis chain over RPCh

  • Your hack will be used in LIVE production after the wallet accepts your PR!


Teams of ​successful PRs will receive rewards in HOPR token. Your team will also be offered to work on similar bounties, after the hackathon.​

​Fill out the form, and we’ll be in touch shortly.

Wallet Track

Join us in Istanbul for a free integration of RPCh!

  • Free integration of RPCh for Gnosis Chain

  • Zero setup fees

  • Free accommodation, food & beverages for both representatives

  • Live support from senior RPCh developers

  • A production-ready integration

  • Thoughts on how to make more revenue within your wallet

The sponsorship is valid for two representatives, ideally a project lead & developer. Spaces are limited, so RSVP as soon as possible to secure yours.


Get live support from our senior developers​, free accommodation in the 4 Star Hyatt Regency Istanbul & free food & beverages during the entire stay from Thursday til Monday.*


*Flight to/from Istanbul, airport transfers, alcoholic beverages, any personal extras need to be organised and paid yourself.


Turkey has a very strong and vibrant crypto community. It belongs to the Top 12 countries worldwide adopting crypto currencies in 2022.


We believe it's time to embrace the interest & passion the Turkish communities bring to crypto projects worldwide and start to have a regular ETH event in this Metropolis, built on 2 continents.

Our venue:

A Luxury Hotel Along the Sea of Marmara
Experience the convergence of comfort, culture, and convenience during your stay at Hyatt Regency Istanbul Ataköy. Discover Istanbul’s history as you explore sights such as the Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia, then return to your spacious guest room, offering contemporary décor and spectacular city and sea views.



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