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Included for LPA Members:

As of March 2023, we are 7 LPA members organizing the Hachathon in Istanbul. Maximum number of LPA members will be 9. Every LPA member profits from the services below:

  • Free participation with Logo presence, etc

      (no other projects are allowed to sponsor hackathon & conference)​

  • Each LPA member gets 3 rooms for 4 nights = 5 days, for free (Check-in 27.April / Check-out: 1. May) 

      (we recommend to bring 1 project leader and 2 developers to support your hackers)

  • Includes free food: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and soft drinks

  • 2 days of Hackathon venue (Friday / Saturday) 

  • 1 day of Conference, for 100 participants (incl. snacks & drinks) on Sunday 

  • 1 Speaker slot for 20 min (15 min speech + 5 min Q&A)

not included:

  • flight to/from Istanbul, airport transfers, alcoholic beverages, personal extras


LPA member events are non-profit and not intended to generate revenue


Thu 27 - Sun 30 April 2023


  • Welcome Thursday night, for LPA members & Hackers

  • Start Hackathon Friday morning, and all Saturday

  • Submission deadline Sunday morning 09:00

  • Judging will happen during conference (backstage)

  • Winner will be announced as highlight & end of the Privacy Conference on Sunday

Each LPA member is able to accept hackers, but in order to distribute the respective costs fairly, each member has to cover these costs for their attendance like food & beverages, and if you want also hotel room, separately



  • by latest Wed 29. March you need to register your hackers by clicking on the button above. Hyatt Regency will contact you regarding invoicing.

  • by latest Wed 5. April 19:00 hackers need to be registered for their favourite project

  • by latest Wed 13. April you will need to tell the hackers if you accepted their application. We highly recommend you do this on an ongoing bases, to know as soon as possible how many hackers will arrive.​​

3 Options for LPA member projects to offer to hackers:

  1. accept hackers which like your project, and see what they will submit

  2. actively search for hackers / teams which will build sth specific for you / up to your request

  3. actively search for partner projects which will integrate your solution into their project (see HOPR)

Additional costs for your Hackers (Thursday till Monday) for F&B:*
   no room = 450 EUR / Hacker
   in double room = 780 EUR / Hacker
   in single room = 1'020 EUR / Hacker


In order to have a lower no-show rate, we suggest to let hackers pay for their own flights (but they will need to proof that they bought their ticket) and if you want you can reimburse travel costs, only when they showed up in Istanbul). 

*All Prices include VAT.


10:00  Start of the Privacy Conference on Sunday
12.00  Lunch for everybody
16.00  Award Ceremony of ETH Privacy Hackathon
17.00  Dinner for all LPA projects & Hackathon participants (not for conference participants)


Sun 30 Apr 2023


Turkey has a very strong and vibrant crypto community. It belongs to the Top 12 countries worldwide adopting crypto currencies in 2022.


We believe it's time to embrace the interest & passion the Turkish communities bring to crypto projects worldwide and start to have a regular ETH event in this Metropolis, built on 2 continents.

Our venue:

A Luxury Hotel Along the Sea of Marmara
Experience the convergence of comfort, culture, and convenience during your stay at Hyatt Regency Istanbul Ataköy. Discover Istanbul’s history as you explore sights such as the Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia, then return to your spacious guest room, offering contemporary décor and spectacular city and sea views.



Coming Soon


LPA at Devcon 2024

to be announced



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