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Privacy and Scaling Explorations by Ethereum Foundation x ETH PRIVACY

UniRep Protocol

UniRep is a zero-knowledge protocol that enables trustless interactions and enhanced user privacy in applications by securely managing various user data aspects through anonymous identifiers. UniRep expands the notion of reputation to include various user data aspects, such as preferences, alignments, and ownership. Using anonymous identifiers (epoch keys), The protocol allows for trustless engagement with applications while preserving user privacy. This approach promotes non-custodial applications that don't hold user data, reducing data breach risks and emphasizing security for both users and developers.


Your Track:

Get creative with UniRep!

Build with UniRep!

How can we create great user experiences with anonymous, provable, user-owned data?

Get creative! We want to see Unirep used in a variety of ways: social apps, marketplaces, governance, collaboration, games, portable reputation systems - anywhere that a combination of anonymity and provable user data might open up new possibilities. Learn more about how UniRep works in this [blog post].


Turkey has a very strong and vibrant crypto community. It belongs to the Top 12 countries worldwide adopting crypto currencies in 2022.


We believe it's time to embrace the interest & passion the Turkish communities bring to crypto projects worldwide and start to have a regular ETH event in this Metropolis, built on 2 continents.

Our venue:

A Luxury Hotel Along the Sea of Marmara
Experience the convergence of comfort, culture, and convenience during your stay at Hyatt Regency Istanbul Ataköy. Discover Istanbul’s history as you explore sights such as the Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia, then return to your spacious guest room, offering contemporary décor and spectacular city and sea views.



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